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St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

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        St. Andrew  Presbyterian Church began as a mission, a new church development, of the Presbytery of Columbus (now Presbytery of Scioto Valley) in October, 1962, and was formally organized as a self-governing congregation on March 10, 1963, with 118 members.

        The congregation took its name from Jesus’ disciple Andrew, one of the first disciples called by Christ. Andrew, in turn, brought his brother Peter to Jesus. Known after the Resurrection as an evangelist and missionary, Andrew was martyred for his faith and crucified on an X-shaped cross (“saltire”). Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and Russia.

        In its formative months, the fledgling congregation met for worship and education in Forest Park Elementary School. The church has had three installed pastors in its history: The Rev. G. Terry Bard, founding pastor  (1962—1969), the Rev. Howard C. Dhonau  (1969—1992) The Rev. Phyllis A. Heffner (1994—present).

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